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Update on Sandilands Tram crash

This week I had a meeting with Alex Chalk MP, the Minister responsible for the court system, as the families of the victims of the tram crash had asked me to talk to the Government about the ongoing delays to the inquest.

The inquest was due to start in October 2020 at Croydon Town Hall. However, the inquest was adjourned just 1 working day before the start date. The date was then postponed two further times, until a date of 17 May 2021 was provided. This is a significant delay to an important inquest that has left the families stuck in a prolonged period of stress and anguish.

The Minister listened to the concerns I raised, and although he can’t intervene in legal proceedings, he offered to meet and learn the lessons after the inquest to discuss if any policy changes are necessary. I will provide a further update in due course and will keep on pressing the Government to do all they can to prevent such a tragedy from ever happening again.


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