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As the Member of Parliament for Croydon Central, I am deeply concerned about the increasing instances of fly-tipping in our community. My constituents have been raising this issue with me for months, and it’s time we take a stand. Last year alone, there were over 22,000 recorded instances of fly-tipping in Croydon. Despite this staggering number, only 10 fixed penalty notices were issued by the council.

We call on Croydon Council to take immediate action to address this problem by implementing three key measures:

1. Mega Skip Days. Provide freely available skips on certain days of the year so residents can get rid of unwanted items for free.
2. Fly-tipper’s Wall of Shame. Use roaming CCTV to capture and publicise images of fly-tippers with posters around hotspot areas. 
3. Fly-tipping Strategy. Develop a fly-tipping strategy for Croydon to tackle the problem across the borough, work in partnership with local people, and use existing powers more effectively. Harsh penalties and fines should be properly enforced.

The health and beauty of our community is at stake here; we cannot afford to ignore this issue any longer. It’s time for Croydon Council to step up its efforts against fly-tippers who are ruining our environment.

Please sign this petition by inputting your name and details below if you believe that it’s high time we tackle the problem of fly-tipping in Croydon head-on. 

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