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The results of the Maintained Nursery School consultation have been announced, and it was wonderful to see that 95% of respondents opposed their closure. These nurseries are a crucial part of our community in Croydon and are vital in supporting the futures of young people in our town. 

While campaigning for these nurseries ahead of the consultation I was reminded of the quality and scope of their services. 

Maintained Nursery Schools provide education and childcare to disadvantaged children across England. They have been proven to be incredibly effective in breaking through educational barriers and closing the gap between these children and their peers. They are especially important in providing irreplaceable support for those with special needs and disabilities.  

As a result of the high quality of these services they provide, nursery schools often cost local authorities far more than other childcare providers, something that has understandably led Mayor Jason Perry to look into ways of making their services more financially sustainable.  

Such is the strength of feeling instigated by this consultation, it is clear that Croydon’s maintained nursery schools cannot close.  

I understand that a further consultation process will now take place to find alternative ways of saving money, which I very much support, but I hope that the Mayor does everything in his power to ensure these schools continue to provide their vital services far into the future.