Why Sarah Is Standing


“It’s time for an MP who will stand up for Croydon.” Why Sarah Jones will deliver the change Croydon deserves

I am proud to say that I have lived in Croydon my entire life. I’m even more proud that my children are growing up here too.

I have always cared about my community and the people of Croydon, which is why I have taken the decision to stand as your candidate in this year’s general election. The choice at this election is blindingly clear.

It’s a choice between a Tory MP who has spent seven years promoting his own interests inside the political bubble, or a passionate Labour campaigner who will stand up for Croydon.

When seeking re-election in 2015, Tory Gavin Barwell promised Croydon residents he would protect our schools, our NHS and our local services - but he has voted repeatedly to slash millions of pounds of local funding.

It’s time for an MP who will stand up for Croydon.

I want to see Croydon thrive, but seven years under Gavin Barwell is putting that at risk, while Theresa May drags the country towards the hardest of Brexits.

I am the only candidate who will fight to protect our vital services and bring business, jobs and opportunities back to our community. I am the only candidate who will stand up for Croydon.

I am honoured to be standing as Labour's candidate in Croydon Central. When I stood in 2015, the result was incredibly close – Labour lost by only 165 votes. Your vote really could make the difference in 2017.

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