Croydon Labour, Delivering for Croydon

In 2014, Croydon elected Labour to run the local council on a plaform of being 'Ambitious for Croydon'. Your Labour councillors are working hard to deliver this ambitious programme.

We're meeting our pledge of having an ambitious vision for our town by ensuring:

  • cleaner, greener streets by prosecuting fly-tippers
  • sustainable regeneration through the Town Centre's civic projects
  • redevelopment of Fairfield Halls
  • affordable housing through Brick-by-Brick
  • a renewed Arts and Culture offer

We are also busy listening to residents, completing casework and campaigning on the issues that matter to you.

2018 Local Election Campaigning

Campaigning for the 2018 local elections is well under way and Labour is working hard to retain Croydon council. For a list of canvassing sessions and other events you can get involved in click here. If you have an event you would like to add to this list please get in touch.