Brexit Survey

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  • Mark Burrell
    commented 2018-11-02 13:13:23 +0000
    I’ve always been for all peoples working as one.
  • David Tanner
    commented 2018-10-30 23:26:11 +0000
    Politics has failed this country.We have the Tories who just want a right wing agenda and a hard Brexit,on the one hand ,and an ineffectual Labour ‘Opposition’ on the other hand,led by a man who could not lead his way out of a paper bag and is only interested in his own political agenda.Will you go against your leader and oppose Brexit and fight for another people’s vote,Sarah Jones?
  • Ian Paterson
    commented 2018-10-30 22:39:15 +0000
    At the moment Parliament has a Hobson’s choice .A bad deal or a no deal! How can any self respecting MP vote for either .It is time this once respected and sensible nation returned to the world stage .Britain first ,America first ,Russia first ,China first ! Funny thing we cannot all be first .
  • Neil Rajah
    commented 2018-10-12 08:06:07 +0100
    Stop this brexit fiasco now and stop wasting money on something that is not possible.
  • Muhammad Iyyaz Ashraf
    commented 2018-10-12 02:14:48 +0100
    I was member of Conservative Party for a while but I left Conservatives after PM TM’s self centred messy leadership and I voted for Labour in Snap Elections and I am hoping that Mr. C will do something to save us from this messy lady but he is failed to do so until today. I wish the best for the country as if U.K goes up I and my family goes up, my childrens future will be safe and full of opportunities and if its not going to happen….. We all will suffer…. Country… Communities…. Individuals we all….
    I wish it will never happen that my beloved country will suffer….. I might suffer as an individual which is acceptable on certain way but due to any individual if country will suffer, its not justified.
  • Neil Rajah
    commented 2018-10-02 19:45:45 +0100
    It was an advisory referendum.
    We voted on a principle and not a proposal or plan. So there should be an opportunity to pull out of at least for on the “agreement”.
    The only reason article 50 was signed was a vein attempt to appease the conservatives which had failed. But labour and Jeremy Corbyn haven’t helped at all.
  • jeff ferguson
    commented 2018-08-21 16:48:37 +0100
    Apart from the virtual lack of a mandate (less than 2%), what was voted for was a non-option. We exist in a highly interconnected world market and it took decades of goodwill as well as hard work and bargaining to get our recent trade and cooperation ecosystem. Farage and Johnson are wreckers, not builders, and are definitely not working hard to give us a feasible option, either before or after the vote.
  • Peter Shorney
    commented 2018-08-21 16:27:19 +0100
    I think that the government is making a complete hash of Brexit. What we have in front of us is good for no one. I’m for a second in/out referendum or, preferably, an immediate general election where parties can give us more choice than these parlous Tories (and I voted for them!).